For self

WARNING II (again): If drawings of naked people offend you, stay out of the personal galleries.

These are drawings I’ve done for myself over the years. There will eventually be hundreds of them in here, hopefully organized in sensibly sized galleries. In  the 60s I drew with a steel dip pen and black ink on glossy white paper, I continued with this into the 80s with some sidetracks with colored markers and pencils. By the 90s I was using a fountain pen because it was faster and easier. The drawings be came simpler, technically cruder. Then came photoshop. At first I used it only as a non-messy way to color my inks, now I just scan in the barest of pencil sketches and  compose, ink and color all in the computer. thanks to photoshop (and wacom) i can make my lines and shapes do all sorts of things impossible with black ink on white paper. It used to be only what i drew counted, now how I draw matters almost as much as what. Will I become an abstract expressionist? doubtful, but art is now more fun just to do.