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“Left school with a first class pass, Started work but as second class. School taught one and one is two. But right now, that answer just ain’t true.” Do you remember that bitter… Continue reading


The eye of outward sense is as the palm of a hand, The whole of the object is not grasped in the palm. —Rumi This image is a variation on the old story… Continue reading


“A flambé of wild-caught Invisible Hand on a bed of wild greens with an agrodolce of cash…” Invisible hand is a metaphor of the 18th century English economist Adam Smith for the godlike—supra-human—correction… Continue reading


“Can anything be so elegant as to have few wants, and to serve them one’s self?” –Ralph Waldo Emerson Usually when I get a drawing idea, I write it down, a graph or… Continue reading


The contest used to be on only for a couple of months, every couple of years, with the press claiming the role of referee. Now, it’s 24/7/52 on both the “conservative” talk shows… Continue reading


If you are as old as I am you remember when you bought a tool and you used it as long as you could. Of course new tools became available and you considered… Continue reading

God or golem?

A quarter of a millennium ago, the invisible hand of the free marketplace was thought to be an antidote to the tyranny of powerful monarchies and entrenched religions. Money would rule wisely, the… Continue reading

Nature Morte

Four rings break the silence the white noise machine provides, then my whinny voice speaks, “You’ve reached my answering machine; please leave a message,” finally two beeps and silence again. It all takes… Continue reading

Zero Someones

The pun-ish title refers to how the drawing shows the economy of scale—layers of executives—leads to the losing sight by the managers of the humanity they share with the managed. And not only… Continue reading

Concrete expressionism

Freud called art sublimation; a palliative for the suffering would-be artists feels when they can’t get “honor, power, riches, fame, and the love of women” (his words, his world.) This only works for… Continue reading