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“Why, if it was an illusion, not praise the catastrophe, whatever it was, that destroyed illusion and put truth in its place?”  — Virginia Woolf In a room of one’s own—be careful what… Continue reading


This post has nothing to do with COVID-19 or the sheltering in place because of it. The idea was hatched weeks ago, well before that virus took over from trump as our national… Continue reading


Long ago you hung out with your co-workers or school chums because you all had histories, interests, talents and/or goals in common and that makes it easier get by in the not-so-brave new… Continue reading


This began as a run-on sentence begging to be a poem. Usually I resist such pleadings as I don’t know good from bad, poetry-wise, but it won me over, sorry. Of course, it… Continue reading


The process of art seems to require a societal (external) affirmation as well as an individual (internal) drive to make doing it worth the effort. The would-be artist therefore has both rational reasons… Continue reading


We had fed the heart on fantasies, The heart’s grown brutal from the fare, More substance in our enmities Than in our love…” ― W.B. Yeats My first pass at Margaret and Stanley… Continue reading

7. Drawing a bath

Bathing can be the alpha and omega of a day; a morning shower to wake you up and an evening bath to wind you down. But they can be more than that. Some… Continue reading

4. The icon maker’s frugal repast

His friends then became coworkers. They still shared a work place, but little else. They began to seek friendship—esteem and love, too—elsewhere, an elsewhere he as a mere coworker is not welcome. But… Continue reading

3. The Shallow end and mean(s)

Typical adolescent means to the end of gaining some esteem from one or several sub-group of peers and perhaps love from an individual among them are: going out for a sport, being in… Continue reading

2. Suburban genpop

Half a century ago–or more–the distractable kids were not, as they are today, diagnosed physiologically lacking, but were declared moral failures. Why? There were no drugs big pharma could push in the burbs… Continue reading