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There are some words in some languages that can’t be said as a single word in other languages. So there must be words used in American English that don’t translate well. But you’d… Continue reading

A Faithful Image of the Creatures of His Imagination

1. The artist, according to Sigmund Freud, wants the usual stuff, “honor, power, riches, fame and the love of women.” But as he is “an introvert … not far from being a neurotic,”… Continue reading

Bunny and Rabbit ears

First let me say that this post is not entirely original as I have re-drawn the core image from an earlier drawing of mine. It’s in the “juvenilia” gallery to your right. I… Continue reading

Fear of Read Balloons

Sometimes ideas pop up and catch my attention simply because they are clever. Then I draw them out, illustrate them. The scene of this idea is a Freudian consulting room. The stereotypical analyst… Continue reading

The Lost Hopper

I can “see” and think I remember it as an Edward Hopper creation; it having lines like scratches adding up to shapes and forms on a mottled beige surface. I’ve recreated the composition… Continue reading

Ars Simia Naturae

1. Is the Pygmalion and Galatea myth not about his prayers answered but hers? Was the myth about how she was objectified, identified with art and about how she captivated him to escape… Continue reading

Building paradise one app at a time.

Millennia ago we had this theory that if some sort of human-like yet immortal, omnipotent and omniscient entity was making all the sh*t that happens we could negotiate with them to make us… Continue reading

Late Capitalism

A large factory building, empty but for one machine and it is dead still because there is no one to crank the cranks; the crankers were all laid off because no one was… Continue reading


“Muses bright and muses pale; Sombre Saturn, Momus hale; …” –John Keats, from “A Song of Opposites” Mouseion means temple of the muses, museum come from it. I think it was also the… Continue reading


1. A caganer is a defecateur sans commode. he or she is a popular participant in nativity scenes in countries on the west end of the Mediterranean. If one were placed in a public… Continue reading