Early digital stuff: part 3

Finally we get to love. this set of drawings is of couples or from the point of view of one coupled, looking at the other.

It’s Amour in French, of course. Passion, devotion and loss of the faculties of intellectus and ratio. “Love and work… work and love, that’s all there is. so said Sigmund F., maybe. i think he meant love as one-on-one intimacy and work as being a part of society–one of many. that these bondings were all an individual sought.

But art wants more, art wants immortality. work and love do not. both of those Freudian goals end in loss of self, or at least the boundaries blur. loss in the crowd/mob/team of society or loss in love as described above. don’t the ever passionate French refer to orgasm as ”the little death?

Art is so very selfish even when it has workish traits — artists make art that sells, because they must sell art to eat, oui? Or lovish ones — the passion of art, the lack of any logic to it, even the sadness when its done. But art and the artist stays self aware throughout.