Building paradise one app at a time.


Millennia ago we had this theory that if some sort of human-like yet immortal, omnipotent and omniscient entity was making all the sh*t that happens we could negotiate with them to make us a paradise. We called those entities “god”, “the gods” “a higher power”etc. They were our first attempt at making artificial intelligence but we didn’t know that then. We thought they made us!

And as time after time their promises of paradise  fell though we began to realize  that both they and their paradises were illusions. Still some of us got rich scamming the rest that they weren’t, though.

A more recent–and reasoned–attempt to make artificial intelligence has been making robots. We didn’t intend them to be gods–they were to be our slaves–but we are letting them become more god-like all the time. We are letting them build a paradise of illusion one app at a time. Will it work out better with robots than it has with gods? Who knows? Doesn’t matter really. The paradise of illusion is the same as an illusion of a paradise.