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Pick an epigraph, they all apply: “The future came and went in the mildly discouraging way that futures do.” ― Author Neil Gaiman “Anyone who isn’t embarrassed of who they were last year… Continue reading


“‘What’s happened to me,’ he thought. It was no dream.” —Franz Kafka, The Metamorphosis Gregor Samsa says this of his novel dehumanization; that it was no dream, it was the plotting of the… Continue reading


“The world, the Others (Das Man or The One? Your call) analyze. They take it all apart, they cure nothing. To find out how a clock works you take it apart, but then… Continue reading


Chasm as shadow: kinda a Jungian anthropomorphism. this images has anima and animus as each other’s animus and anima and together, as they walk in to the sunset together, they project a non-anthropomorphized… Continue reading


You know the story of “Metropolis,” the classic sci-fi flick about a dystopia 100 years in the future? That 1927 movie where saint/agitator Maria enflames the proletariat to revolt against their oligarch oppressors,… Continue reading


It begins as a little urge, he remembers as he pours himself a drink. “An urge to merge,” he chuckles. And half of a paradox, too, for at the same time there was… Continue reading

Concrete expressionism

Freud called art sublimation; a palliative for the suffering would-be artists feels when they can’t get “honor, power, riches, fame, and the love of women” (his words, his world.) This only works for… Continue reading

Self (Art) Anonymous

A career is an illusion and love is a myth. In the former, you actually had a string of dead-end jobs where you were treated more like a machine than a human resource;… Continue reading

Trieb and Tribe

You know the internet’s T-Rex cartoons where they can’t do stuff because of their tiny arms? They are funny, funny, in a sad way, when the joke is applied to human psychological difficulties… Continue reading

Fear of Read Balloons

Sometimes ideas pop up and catch my attention simply because they are clever. Then I draw them out, illustrate them. The scene of this idea is a Freudian consulting room. The stereotypical analyst… Continue reading