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The original drawing on which this post is based is a composite of the shabby student apartments I lived in my 20s often decorated with a mattress on the floor and a single… Continue reading


“Can anything be so elegant as to have few wants, and to serve them one’s self?” –Ralph Waldo Emerson Usually when I get a drawing idea, I write it down, a graph or… Continue reading


In real childhood scenarios–as opposed to this image–kids conflate the pretend with the real. Yes, I could have used a more autobiographically correct toy box full of pretend cars and guns, but a… Continue reading

Nature Morte

Four rings break the silence the white noise machine provides, then my whinny voice speaks, “You’ve reached my answering machine; please leave a message,” finally two beeps and silence again. It all takes… Continue reading

All You Need

First there’s a Little black dress on a cactus; a mirage, which at a distance is one thing, but close up is something else altogether. And a skeleton in a suit; an unfortunate… Continue reading

Grief v. relief

Divorce could be called exchanging what began as better than good but became worse than bad for neither, a feeling of emptiness where grief over love lost is neutralized by relief felt regarding… Continue reading

Sous rature, again

Three curses; fame, sanity, and rejection. The drawing here is about low-grade inhumanity of humanity, indifference. The people with masks are like those of James Ensor. It’s also about reactions to that indifference.… Continue reading

A Parabasic Prosopopeia

 “Whereas art opposes society, it is nevertheless unable to take up a position beyond it; it achieves opposition only through identification with that against which it remonstrates.” –Theodor  Adorno EKPHRASIS Art, arbeit and amour… Continue reading

Ontogeny Recapitulating

This drawing is the third part of a series. Go back a couple of posts, skipping the sculptor’s studio one and you’ll see the connections. The crouching man is here again. The technologies… Continue reading

The Frustrating Complimentarily of Memory and Fantasy or ‘Huis Clos’

All our world, except the most recent couple of seconds are really memories. Memories from a minute ago mix up with those from earlier today, likewise last year and even our ancient childhoods.… Continue reading