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Here I’m gonna try to relate Artworld’s postmodernism to an individual’s postcareerism. Wish me luck. Long ago, art making was a craft like any other. Painters and sculptors toiled alongside masons and carpenters,… Continue reading


Chasm as shadow: kinda a Jungian anthropomorphism. this images has anima and animus as each other’s animus and anima and together, as they walk in to the sunset together, they project a non-anthropomorphized… Continue reading


“Can anything be so elegant as to have few wants, and to serve them one’s self?” –Ralph Waldo Emerson Usually when I get a drawing idea, I write it down, a graph or… Continue reading

Meadian Objects and the Looking Glass Self

  “I imagine your mind, and especially what your mind thinks about my mind, and what your mind thinks about what my mind thinks about your mind.”  What a quote from the 19th-century… Continue reading

Fear of Read Balloons

Sometimes ideas pop up and catch my attention simply because they are clever. Then I draw them out, illustrate them. The scene of this idea is a Freudian consulting room. The stereotypical analyst… Continue reading

Sous rature, again

Three curses; fame, sanity, and rejection. The drawing here is about low-grade inhumanity of humanity, indifference. The people with masks are like those of James Ensor. It’s also about reactions to that indifference.… Continue reading

Man, the bricolage!

1. Long ago art was a means to an end, only seen by torches and always accompanied by chanting where ritual was mimicked and dogma swallowed. These days, art is an end in… Continue reading

“Persona du jour”

1. Art is always a self-portrait. “Artist creates art.” The subject of the sentence (the artist) is the subject of the object (the art) as well. 2. Art is always desire objectified. The… Continue reading

Dancing with the ars

When you make art you alienate a part of yourself; a part of your subjectivity becomes an object. You put your objectified thoughts and feelings in a public space to be beheld, re-held,… Continue reading

Between Pain and Boredom

“Hope is the confusion of the desire for a thing with its probability.” ― Arthur Schopenhauer  “I think you have to try and fail, because failure gets you closer to what you’re good… Continue reading