Winter Sports

  A life in a season; winter of course. Is she interested? She sure looks interesting. Model, muse or a mate? Can’t tell from there so he takes a closer look, a pellet or… Continue reading


Yes I know that putting in Celtic holidays is a little hokey. Get over it. It’s not like I’m some new age-y type or Celtic rennaissancer either. The feast dates mark the year… Continue reading

Drawing under influence

I’ve worked on this text for hours over days, written and unwritten it many times. I give up. Let the drawing stand for its self, with its projections — delusional and otherwise, intellectualizations… Continue reading

Me iii (not shown)

Me 1 and me 2 have been posted. There was gonna be a me 3 and 4, but the original 3 didn’t work out. I have it as a pencil, maybe I’ll ink… Continue reading

Chinese Rooms

 I have to write a fair amount of text for this drawing because the drawing should be “below the fold” because it is more explicit than most. So with words I’ll push it… Continue reading

Cry Babies

“I/O, I/O it’s off to work I go” and “little deaths, little lives” are the titles of the drawings in case you can’t read the type in the pictures themselves. I’m cynical and… Continue reading

More NYC drawings

In the suburban zoo where I live I’m the one on exhibit. I am the one watched.  In NYC, I’m the visitor to that zoo; I do the watching. These drawings are record of… Continue reading

art as mirror/eating out

I love to visit NYC, but who can live there? It could never be a home for me. Maybe if I were obscenely rich, it could. It’s too crazy, too scary, too much… Continue reading

Aged whines

Titian painted ‘Ages of Man’ when he was about 30. He was already famous, maybe rich too. I’m about 60 and neither. May I live to 90 as he did. (kow) that’s knock… Continue reading

The menu is not the meal

I made a drawing that was so self-centered that it embarrassed even me. it somehow got word-sketched, penciled, inked and colored before I realised this. So I went back into it and tried to make… Continue reading