Chinese Rooms

 I have to write a fair amount of text for this drawing because the drawing should be “below the fold” because it is more explicit than most. So with words I’ll push it… Continue reading

Cry Babies

“I/O, I/O it’s off to work I go” and “little deaths, little lives” are the titles of the drawings in case you can’t read the type in the pictures themselves. I’m cynical and… Continue reading

More NYC drawings

In the suburban zoo where I live I’m the one on exhibit. I am the one watched.  In NYC, I’m the visitor to that zoo; I do the watching. These drawings are record of… Continue reading

art as mirror/eating out

I love to visit NYC, but who can live there? It could never be a home for me. Maybe if I were obscenely rich, it could. It’s too crazy, too scary, too much… Continue reading

Aged whines

Titian painted ‘Ages of Man’ when he was about 30. He was already famous, maybe rich too. I’m about 60 and neither. May I live to 90 as he did. (kow) that’s knock… Continue reading

The menu is not the meal

I made a drawing that was so self-centered that it embarrassed even me. it somehow got word-sketched, penciled, inked and colored before I realised this. So I went back into it and tried to make… Continue reading

bizzare bazaars

Everybody says “I love you” the same, but there are as many ways to act it as there are people, in fact  i’ll wager that  you can’t tell if it’s been said, if you only… Continue reading

Up-stares, down-stares

  This one began as a visual/linguistic pun on the old Brit TV show about upper-class households, “Upstairs, Downstairs” and the porn genres, “up skirt” and Down blouse”. but the stares became gazes… Continue reading

particles unobserved

    How can you have any pudding if you don’t eat yer meat?”   Read “Dark sarcasm” as dark [sar]chasm. The artist is not drawing that chasm which all the others have… Continue reading


  the caption is “the bottle is empty (inane, worthless etc.) so i drink my mind” reflection, meditation even day dreaming are ways to get through a difficult day that are in some ways superior to… Continue reading