An absent symbol

For the signifier is a unit in its very uniqueness, being by nature symbol only of an absence. –Jacques Lacan Images are a sort of sign. They are the requisite signifier/signified combination. Just… Continue reading

In the midst of beings, persons and parergons

In a clearing, art stands isolated, feeling besieged but actually ignored, as an image (the drawing on the stage) in an image (the puppet theater) in an image (my drawing) a fortress in… Continue reading

Sunsets, Women and Art

Quiddity and haecceity. The first means what it is about some thing that allows us to use a word for it and the second is what it is that we experience directly regarding… Continue reading

‘Sous Rature’

In Norman Rockwell’s eerie triple self-portrait, the mirror image, the painting in the painting and the ‘real’ Norman line up, i.e. seem to be from the same source. But  Norman is not painting… Continue reading

Another boring composition

Another boring composition fraught with meaning, a surrealist landscape, bits and pieces of fact and fable in space of mostly nothing. I try to compose the things with shadow and light, with figure… Continue reading


From my notes… From one point of view, its art, another love, and a third work. But whose is which? From mine, its art not work as no one is paying me to… Continue reading

Pond in Winter, 300.4

E.D. No, not that one. Here we are talking about Existential Depression. That more-intellectual-than-emotional feeling that there is no meaning to your life.  Call it “The pond in winter syndrome.” You are walking… Continue reading

Is Est Suum Ingenium

It is their innate character. Ahab and his whale, the artist and his mermaid, the frog and the scorpion story if you must. Another painting in a painting; it’s a mid-ocean storm at… Continue reading

Nobody and the cloud salesman

  “This is my letter to the world That never wrote to me” – EMILY DICKINSON. Lately the depression’s back, that feeling that it (anything) is just not worth the effort. Nothing major,… Continue reading

The Ride

When syncope pulls the shades, can you assume progress from the shaking of the carriage? Romantics think you get somewhere on your private ride, be it a moment of jouissance or a life… Continue reading