Its Own Wreck

A contemplation on a conundrum. An outsized fantasy, a muse that’s both and neither a model and a mate. A muse as a bridge, a relationship to relationships, oversized, impossible and unrealistic, inflated… Continue reading

I didn’t get to Woodstock

‘All around me are familiar faces Worn out places, worn out faces Bright and early for their daily races Going nowhere, going nowhere Their tears are filling up their glasses No expression, no… Continue reading

Labor Day

Artificial Ignorance We are defined by the people we are near as much as we are defined by who we are inside ourselves. We are near more people at work –if we have… Continue reading

Intimate Relations in Cyberspace

“Pinball wizard S’got such a supple wrist. . . . . .He ain’t got no distractions Can’t hear those buzzers and bells, Don’t see lights a flashin’”                                                      –- P. Townsend One’s mouth… Continue reading

Subtle Bodies

The title “Subtle Bodies” has nothing to do with the fringe/esoteric religio-philosophic term. It refers to the women in each of the panels. They are bodies and they are subtle: difficult to perceive… Continue reading

Becoming Conscious

This is the second drawing that began with a ‘me’ in it. I took the me out when I was quite a long way into drawing it. I actually posted the first one,… Continue reading

‘Let us be philosophers! Let us be mummies!’

“Maintaining cheerfulness in the midst of a gloomy task, fraught with immeasurable responsibility, is no small feat; and yet what is needed more than cheerfulness? Nothing succeeds if prankishness has no part in… Continue reading

Ample Waves of Gain

I thought I could step back and make a drawing that wasn’t about “art, arbeit and amour.” You know what I’m talking about; a drawing about art about art, about coupling and connecting,… Continue reading

Tit For Tat

Did this drawing in a couple of hours, that is, if you don’t count the 6 months it sat as a scanned pencil in the “box”. Back then it was different, it was… Continue reading


In this drawing the artist is an icon/symbol among other icon/symbols, walking one direction where everyone else is walking the other. Is he a pariah, a drummer of the lowest caste or is… Continue reading