A hollow place

Niche: “A place or position suitable or appropriate for a person or thing;” it’s perhaps a time as well. “He’s good at what he does; its just that that is not all that… Continue reading


Here’s another drawing about self and other. Sorry, but it’s what I think about a lot.  Here you see our hero, my self of course, looking into the glass and seeing one woman… Continue reading

Eye and Thou

“Through the Thou a person becomes I” – M. Buber Allow me my pun based on cursory googling. I am no scholar, but I won’t apologize. The gaze and the breast are both… Continue reading

Le Club Humaine

A warning: This text is meaner than the drawing which seems to be showing a couple going to a club where they will have fun dancing, drinking, chatting each other up, and making… Continue reading

Mate [model] Muse

What does the title of this picture mean? Is ‘Mate [model] Muse’ a tri-partite title belonging to one amazing woman or is that merely a fantasy born of a lifetime of daydreams and… Continue reading

Crusty but benign

“I’m sad as hell and will continue to take it.” So says the depressed resident of this apartment. The windows are “painted” shut. And even if he could do as Howard Beale (“Network”… Continue reading

Little Oeddy or the Terrible Threes

This is one of 3 drawings I began thinking about back in Oct. The working title for the set was “Thrill Rides.” The other two are not even penciled yet, they exist only… Continue reading

Prufrock’s Mermaid

“I have heard the mermaids singing, each to each. I do not think that they will sing to me.” — T. S. Eliot If you follow the numbers you can see that each… Continue reading

The Comet Narcissus

Don’t know how well you can see it on the 485px version but on the 1200px original you can see that the comet is a self portrait. Took me a while to get… Continue reading

Quae Nocent Docent

Yes, many red-heads. You have a problem that? I don’t. The projection of the painting is a cut and paste of the mural from the ‘I didn’t get to Woodstock’ drawing a couple… Continue reading