Locus Amoenus

‘The friends that have it I do wrong Whenever I remake a song Should know what issue is at stake, It is myself that I remake.’ —W.B. Yeats The picture on the wall… Continue reading

“La Belle [Dame] Sans Merci”

‘The more perfect the artist, the more completely separate in him will be the man who suffers and the mind which creates’ ( T. S. Elliot quoted in ‘The Creative Act ,’ Marcel… Continue reading

Ekphrasis and Homage: “Untitled”

A Picasso print inspired this ekphrasis. It was one of several hundred artist and model images he created. I didn’t include it here because it’s probably copyrighted until eternity. I saw it in… Continue reading

Fixed But Not Repaired

‘Night Windows’ John Sloan used windows as symbols of the barriers between the artist and the world. He distances himself from threatening scenes by showing them as if seen though a window. He… Continue reading

Opposition and Sister Squares are [not] Reconciled

What do polar bears and prostitutes have in common?  No, it’s not a joke. I don’t know. Add sharks in suits and you have quite a menagerie. Anthropomorphized fish and bears, dehumanized people.… Continue reading

Ted and Al’s Winter Adventure

The drawing is of my back yard in Winter. It’s the season one merely tries to survive. Spring is hope, Summer is growth, Autumn is humility, if you care. The picture in a… Continue reading

Angel of [my] History

Artist and model, both are works in progress. They are a dialectic of the lone sleeper. They are dream, alternating in both senses of ‘dream,’ both the sense of a bored and frustrated… Continue reading

Just Deserts?

“Would you like cries with that?” or “Would you like to see our whine list?” Uncurtained windows frame empty frames and empty tables for two. The artist as chef is twice removed by… Continue reading

Deceptive Leitmotifs

Alberich in NYC, on stage in New York, in a opera set in a fantasy capitalist plutocracy. Let me paraphrase some of Alberich’s thoughts from Das Rheingold. The opera begins just before dawn.… Continue reading

Erda in New York

Another NYC drawing. Wagnermania, Part I. I saw Das Rheingold at the metopera. This is one of the scenes I remember. Of course, the rest of the cast was standing around, looking small,… Continue reading