AND HAPPY HORRORDAYS. There is no end in sight, at least until one of three bases breaks with His Orangeness. The bases are:

1) The wealthy: The very very rich, the .01%ers, of course but the merely very rich too, who are doing quite well in his regime. They know what he is but they don’t care because they know they wouldn’t be as wealthy as they are with a democrat in charge.

2) The red cap gang: These folks are totally taken by his con. they know they are not doing as well as they once were but they believe him when he says that the causes of this are immigrants, minorities and the Washington establishment. And that he is the only fix. But it’s really the not-necessarily-in Washington establishment, i.e. the above mentioned very very rich, who are the primary source of everyone else’s woes. He is the wealthies useful idiot and for the rest of us is more a problem than a solution.

3) The media: Not talking about individual journalists here, they—from the lone bloggers to the pretty presenters—still believe they are 1st amendment heroes, but their establishment masters who are making way too much money from the dumpster fire that is our “democracy” today to stop pouring on accelerants.

Which will break first, if any?

If the red cap gang figures out who’s actually messing with them they could turn on him and vote in someone else. But how could they find out? The media has split up the “concerned” citizenry into distinct groups and give each what it wants to hear. Changing minds is not as profitable, so it is not a goal any more.

The very very rich don’t care about which useful idiots are elected, as long as they continue sticking it to the red cap gang as well as the rest of us. When Impotus Rex self-destructs, they will put another in his place. And the media will go along; they will “follow the money,” but not forward to justice or just a scoop, but back to the same old sh*t.

Sad to say, that’d be an improvement. Merry Christmas anyway.