Streaming bebop. Drinking oolong. Not going outside. Winter today is ugly. I can wait till Wednesday for errands. I could be working on OUT OF PLAY, the next painting, as both the image and the essay are half done, but this idea for a political cartoon popped up…

An hour later, w/some Halloween candy for sustenance, the drawing is done. Just one brush (a Kyle Creates Dotty Liner) but four layers (black/key, highlight, shadow and colors) Rough it is, but tells the tale none the less so…

It’s of trump again, the GOP and the MAGA hats, with Florida Man as The Pied Piper of Mar-A-Lago. But instead of him leading rats or children (the pestilent or the naïve) away, he wields his followers as a weapon against the burghers, the wealthy bourgeoisie, the right wing of the establishment who hired him, but won’t pay up.

They screwed up when they hired him. Some, I suspect know that, but they won’t admit it. They all still seem to believe that the pestilent—or naïve—horde under his cultist sway determines whether or not they stay in power, and for them power is all that counts, so they, too, follow his command.

They screwed up, but all of us are paying the price.

As all the media (left or right) meta-narratives and screeds add nothing to my understanding, let alone peace of mind, I’ll TRY to ignore them. So I repeat: Text me when the trial starts.