Back in the day, the three black and white TV networks and the one or two black and white daily news papers kept their content centrist to survive. They were truly a mass market as had to attract everyone in the geography they marketed in, so their the game plan had to be “offend no one.”

What technology first allows, it soon enough requires” So when a new technology creates a means to deliver customized content to individuals it did. Now, the game plan is “amuse everyone” each in there own way.

News used to be a half hour a day event usually a morning newspaper or an evening TV show. These days it’s on all the time. And everywhere, too, not just at your kitchen table or in your living room.

My question is, “Is there actually 48 times more news, these days?” I doubt it. But our currently reigning deities: Corporations, institutions and the plutocrats who profit from them, have the technology to monetize those 23.5 hrs.

So they have convinced us we need news any time and anywhere, in spite of the not being enough of actually “new” news to fill the 24 hr. cycle. We pay for this, even when it is “free.”

They fill the day up with news-like stuff—pretty people babbling, ugly people ranting, and politicians lying as well as the occasional film clip of death and destruction. We are distracted and misdirected on purpose, by and for the benefit of the above mentioned deities.

But we are never really amused. We are bemused and confused. We are not the consumer, we are the consumed. We are no longer informed by our digital diet of so-called news, we are controlled by it. We should be all offended.

If only we knew that this was happening.

We unconsciously buy into this nonsense because we are tricked by a psycho-mechanism called conformation bias well used, here by our masters. They first give us a free choice of an amusement. They know what each of us would choose. Then, unknown to our flickering self consciousness, they re-form and conform us, they herd our collective attention into a market segment to be fattened and slaughtered.

You can’t always get what you need, but you if don’t you try anymore, well, you might find you get what you don’t want. My apologies to Mick and Keith.