Here in the USA we have a foundational myth. We have been led to believe that in “The Land of the Free,” that we are the people that our government is of, for and by in spite of the facts telling us we are have always been powerless. And that in spite obviously of getting poorer we we believe we are not really poor but just not yet rich.
But it’s not all bad as that’s just your existence; your essence is up to you. You do still have choices there. But there are some caveats. A lot of options are off the table from the get-go. Chances are you will never be a Russian oligarch or a Korean pop star or even come close to their wealth or fame. And your choices will not always leads to desired conclusions, even if they do, there will be unintended consequences. Yes, life is absurd.
When you were young or even well into middle age you bought into another myth, that of “Career.” That one tells you that you have unique qualities that make you a valuable individual in your society. And if you use those qualities you will be respected well-compensated and even loved. This is not true. You are just a cell in the body politic that will die and be replaced by another. The beast doesn’t notice, doesn’t change for you passing.
In other words, you will be eventually excreted from the body politic. You are left to construct your own image, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Now you can try for another “career” wrapping that old myth around a minimum-wage job – good luck with that. You could also do what “Kids These Days” do and treat work as a one-on-one pick up game with you against a boss. You will win some and lose more while learning that the court(s) are slanted to bosses and your knees aren’t what they used to be. Worse, you don’t have insurance anymore.
You could also retire from it all. This is the best option if you’ve been lucky or thrifty enough to be able to put some cash aside. You could then assume a harmless hobby and take some therapeutic exercise in a world of your own. Also, you might try on that fantasy career cloak here. You could wear it while doing a job you value, even if society doesn’t.
But don’t let your guard down, because the beast is not done with you yet. The body politic has changed shape; where once it was a behemoth it’s now more hive like. No longer a monolith looming over every aspect of your being, it now sends its innocuous insect-like minions sneakily into your space to take you apart one crumb at a time. Fight back while you still can! Crush these pests when you see them; one email, postcard, cold call at a time!