hen is The Trump Show gonna end? When are we gonna get back to the good old days? You know back in the golden era when actors, singers and athletes—not politicians—were the most publicly ill mannered celebrities and the fact that corporations—not politicians—run the government was a secret. Albeit an ill kept one.

Is it gonna end? Of course it will, nothing from empires to ice cream lasts. But how and when?

I’m trying to stop reading assorted pundits prognosticating because this, at great expense to my well being, adds nothing to my knowledge. I can’t take White House chief of staff Reince Priebus’ advice to”tune out the noise,” because I still want to know what’s happening. The media – big and small – makes that difficult. They mix signal and noise – bits of fact, several levels of consensuses and way too many opinions to get me to click more. More clicks means more profits for them, so they are not going to change.

I’m an over-educated liberal who worked for big media for more than 36 years, so I know (think I believe I know) that individual journalists while they get confused, are lied to and are told – sometimes under threat of unemployment – to edit truths a certain way, don’t willingly lie. So I believe, from what I read in the dozen or so sites I visit daily, that there are plenty of true reasons to dump Trump.

But the spectacle will not be over until the GOP congress loses faith in The Trump Show’s ability to deliver the voters necessary for their reelection. And as long as it, The Show of shows, convinces the voters that the media are liars and what it says is true, it will. So I quote Dear Leader, “Sad!”

But what if the GOP does lose faith and congress impeaches, convicts, indicts, tries, then convicts again? Will my life change for the better? Only a bit. I suspect it’ll just go back to the good old days mentioned above. Our oligarchy will go back under the radar, out of sight out of mind, almost and the only celebrities annoying me will be the easily tuned out entertainers du jour. But The Trump Show will not be in my face 24/7 and I can, then, worry about more important stuff. That is, in order of importance, thus: my grand kids long term well being, my own mortality, which meaningless show to watch tonight and why fine art sucks these days.