The image here is the illusion the corporate marketeers at the paradoxically named Wild Caught Farms wants you to see. They want you to identify with the naive and happy lad from a golden age who effortlessly catches dinner on a lazy summer day. They don’t want you to see yourself as they see you, as unthinking fish rising to bait and being caught.

It would be good for all of us, if robots were being built to do things that we can’t/shouldn’t do. We all could then have the time to do thing we liked, are good at or were good for us. But so far most robots are being built to be more profitable than a human and therefore allow the robot-using corporation to keep more income for itself. In other words robots these days not good for any one but one per cent of us.

But will, soon, robots be doing all the work and all humans will be unemployed? I don’t thinks so because if all corporations got rid of all human employees—bosses included—there would no longer any consumers to buy any products because no jobs equals no money equals no purchasing and therefore no income no profits no corporations.

So, this won’t happen, a more likely outcome is that before the robots get to the penthouse and “rightsize” the “job creators,” corporate “innovators” will create consuming robots to buy the stuff the producing ones already make. The CEO the board and other capitalists will continue to get richer off the “labor” of artificial workers and customers just as they did with the human ones. And only workers will become unemployed.