Not yet this week, but we still have Friday.

This week’s illustration is first an homage to a dimly remembered three stooges shtick, subbing Larry, Moe and the other one’s hot potato for the cartoony anarchist bomb. And its also a parody of the Reaganesque metaphor of the three legged “stool” (LOL) of conservatism. The legs are: social nostalgia, financial elitism, and defensive aggressiveness. Here they are shown, also in cartoon form, as Christian fundamentalism, predatory capitalism and racist nationalism.

Our omnipresent talking screens allow these cartoons to “inform” us that the bomb WILL explode. This is a reasonable prediction. There are also dramatizations of a fiery end of days and offers for sale—sometimes just for a click—of a ticket to the glories that will follow the apocalypse. These figures of screech fail to mention that those glories are for only themselves—plus their bigger donors, of course—and that they are predicated on the ruin of the rest of us.

I’d prefer someone call the bomb squad to take this home grown IED to a land fill and blow it up there, hopefully harming no humans in the process—thinking Christians, decent country folk and business persons who treat their employees well are included here—but leaving the cartoon charlatans deservedly out of work.