If something happens blame him…” Donald J. Trump

A true story: Less than a month after a newly elected head of government had been sworn in, there was a fire in the building where the legislature met. The building was gutted by the fire and evidence was found that indicated the fire was arson.

The head of state blamed the arson on an opposition party. An alleged perpetrator was found, a mentally disturbed opposition party sympathizer, who was quickly tried and executed. Though rumors were that the head of state or one of his cronies orders the fire set, “Fake News!” he replied, and he knew what that was.

The head of state claimed it was terrorism and declared a national emergency. He then issued an executive order that took away most, if not all, civil liberties. Members of the opposition were declared traitors and removed from office, thereby giving this head of state total power. This began in early 1933. and the rest is history.

terrorists1984The inspiration for this post, besides of the current state of affairs resembling the above story, is a drawing I made as an illustration for an op-ed piece in 1984. Back then it was a black and white cross-hatchy thing showing Uncle Sam alone in the boat, besides the rat labeled terrorism, that is.

Now, I’ve a few more characters to the scene: Ms. Liberty, Lady Justice, Uncle Sam and even a congress critter. Instead of Sam being the prime mover, I’ve put le Roi Solipsise with his tiny finger on the trigger. And directly behind him is his eminence grease doing his Reichstagsbrand thing with rats.

The old drawing was just about the government’s reaction to terrorism (meeting violence with more violence) causing more trouble than it fixes. Back then, I was not afraid of what would happen; I just thought it was wrong headed. These days, I am afraid because I know that the rest of us—our lives, liberty and pursuits of happiness—are on this same boat with the Scuttler in Chief and his seemingly unindictable co conspirators.

So how is this all going to end? One possibility is like it did in the above mentioned story where most of the rest of the world united against this nationalistic would-be empire and leaving it in ruins. Another, better, option would be that all the dispirited disparate factions inside the country put aside their differences—this could be relatively simple when his supporters finally figure out that he’s on no ones side but his own—and unite against “Dear Leader.”

Principiis obsta; sero medicina paratur / Cum mala per longas convaluere moras.”

This from Ovid is where I got the boat’s name. Translated it is: “Resist beginnings; the remedy comes too late when the disease has gained strength by long delays.” It is from his “The Cure for Love.” The cure for hate, too, perhaps.