What you have just enjoyed/endured on your myriad flashing screens is not the workings of the exceptional American democracy in action, but a show to keep you distracted from the reality of the corporate autocracy you exist in and for. Think about it: how different was the spectacle of “Election 2016/17” any different from that “Superbowl Whatever” (to be played in a week or two, I assume) except that lasted much, much longer?

In both, millionaires owned by billionaires play-fight. It seems zero sum, but all of them—everybody but you—take home a bundle when it’s done. In both, you listened to and watched opinions about who was going to win from supposedly knowledgeable and theoretically unbiased pretty people in suits as well as from folks much less knowledgeable, unbiased and pretty. You, then, joined the side that confirmed what you already believe and cheered for your team. If it won, the “best” team triumphed, if it didn’t, the so-called “winners” cheated or were lucky.

And in both, nothing you did accomplished anything, beyond heartburn and heartache. Sure, some millionaires and billionaires will now have to renegotiate their contracts. Some will even get fired, and, of course, immediately rehired somewhere else for more money—it is all just part of their game. But, it only a matter of time before the same old, same old settles in again. They all remain rich and powerful, and you remain neither.

Insert your favorite “1984” quote here. There are too many appropriate ones for me to choose.