I could have made this illustration more realistic, more honest and politically correct—literally—by showing not just an GOP elephant but a Democrat donkey and a watch dog (aka The Press) being perp-walked in an upscale park. Pets all, they are bullied where to sh*t by the phallically cravated (Is it a weapon, a codpiece, or a diaper?) power that is to be.

He, too, could be several instead of solo, the domesticated beasts multiple. There could be many leashes overlapping, and knotted, held in sundry grips. But I kept it simple, as a would-be and former cartoonist should, simple as necessary, but no more.

So what’s missing in this upscale photo-op? It’s you, people. Yes, you can watch it all on your miserable little screens, but you-all are not invited to this show. Don’t believe it when these pets of the neo-400 say that your well-being matters to them, believe what they do. All you are to them are replaceable parts in a device built to shift wealth from one point-one-per-center to another. You are not even a pet, you are livestock.