We are all xenophobes, it is human nature. Back in the cave v. glacier times, this was a successful adaptation necessary for survival. This innate fear of otherness still prompts us to ask first, “Is he or she, are they friend or foe?”

Given that, what matters most these days is who we see as the others. There are some others out the who truly want to take from us all we value; happiness, liberty and even our lives. It is perfectly rational to see these others as people to avoid and prepare our defenses against.

These “bad guy” others don’t see us as their kind; they see us as deer to their wolves, as lesser beings, as a herd of consumables, undifferentiated except by ease of capture “women [the elderly and sick, too] and children first” has a different meaning for them.

They are not wolves any more the we are deer. They are self-servicing narcissists ever out for “number one” Their pack, shown here, is an illusion brought on by the poor visibility of the sh*t storm of their making we all are enduring. They are self-entitled by, as often as not unearned or accidental, wealth and empowered by laws they or their lackeys wrote for their benefit. They are parasites, “welfare kings,” living off of the brains and brawn of the rest of us.

It is a tragic irony that as these would-be “wolves” often look and talk more like us than other others with whom we share much more and from such multi-perspective collaboration would have a much better defense against being deceived by the “sh*ts’ in wolves’ clothing” howls of self-affirmation and dominance that in a storm can sound like sincere offers of help.