There was a frog sitting on the edge of a pond. He was worried, that the paradise where he and his kind thrive is going away. Along comes a scorpion who says he has a simple solution. “How can I help?” the frog asks with a wide amphibian smile.

“Drain this swamp!” the arachnid shouts “Ban the snakes! Kill the ducks! They are not like us!”

“That’s true, they are not like me,” froggy thinks. So he helps the scorpion pump all the water elsewhere, killing himself in the process. He never figured out that the scorpion is more an enemy than ducks or snakes. And with his dying breath, he asks the scorpion, “Why?”

“It’s my nature,” the eight-legged capitalist replies.


They say they love the free market, but they lie, capitalists prefer monopolies. The informed consumers and level playing fields of a working free market lower profits and profits—profits for the few at the expense of the many—are all that corporations exist for. It’s their nature. A democracy (for the common good, etc.) is their enemy, so they do what they can to defeat it.

In the last—should I say latest? Maybe not—election, it the was different. Yes, corporation and the few humans that benefit from them bought propaganda to persuade voters to elect the pre-bought politicians who will legislate and execute in favor of that few at the expense of the many, as usual. This time around it was was just not them v. us, it was one of them v. the rest of them. And the rest of them lost. As did we—frogs, snakes, and ducks alike—whether we think we did or not.