You know, of course, that if you read or hear a corporate statement, advertisement or a sworn testimony expressing a goal other than that of making money for stakeholders it is false, don’t you? Yes, other results can happen, but only accidentally and only if they don’t impinge on maximizing profits. This is because corporations are there not to build good stuff or a better world, but to make money for their “human” stakeholders, nothing else.

I say stakeholders not stock holders because I believe second class stock holders, those not on the board or in the C-suite, are treated by those who are—the real stakeholders—as disrespectfully as customers and employees. And when I qualify the stakeholders as human I’m being loose with that term, because in their rise to the top they lose most, if not all, of their humanity.

In the office where I worked more the three decades before being involuntarily aged out, it was common knowledge that anyone who’d been promoted—unnaturally selected for—twice was no longer really human. The human traits of empathy, honesty, and altruism being detriments in these economic niches, die with the folks who unfortunately carried them partially up the corporate ladder. From a distance these corporate golems could still pass as human, but if you get close up you’d risk your livelihood to assume humanity guides their actions.

And that workplace was only a local office of a large corporation. Imagine the corporate HQ where the former humans there would have to have been promoted at least twice twice and that the leaders there many more times, so if there was a smidgen of humanity left in them it no doubt was too small to be detected.

They still retain the human like, though dead, carapaces, I’ve seen the videos where Bank Boy (from Wells Fargo) and Epi-gal (from Mylan) sit silent while grilled by lawmakers, They know it’s part of being a CEO to be, now and then, theatrically “punished” by the very folks that they pay to enable the offense. A pleading of ignorance or offering an upbeat non sequitor is enough to get them off the hook and back in the jet, flying home.

And we the people commodity (customers and employees) of the corporatocracy are once again reaped and sown while we, amused and fretful in turn, watch the show. More unnatural selection: You can vote for your favorite team, but you can’t change the game. Sad. Angry.