Imagine pretty and young urbanites with their skinny jeans and perfect hair, who are happy and arty at the same time—one or the other just ironically so, I assume. They, by owning the latest devices with the trendiest apps, always at hand and fully charged, are subsumed in their superficially diverse cohort’s 24/7 socializing.

But what have these stock art zombies given up to be so on top of their trending world? Have they sold their souls (selves) without knowing it? Have they outsourced themselves by ceding over to their apps their all too human abilities to both represent shared reality and express their individual selves?

If they were still in command of the apps, instead of the other way around, it would not be different than it ever it has ever been as, as a species, we have always been fond of inventing tools that make our live easier. OK, sometimes these tools were made to make only some of our lives easier at great expense of the rest of us. But that doesn’t mean tool-inventing is a bad thing, only that tool-using just gets it wrong sometimes.

But these apps, while still just tools, are not controlled by the stock art zombies, (early adopters, hipsters, fashionistas, social mediots. whoever) but by the corporations that made the apps. They seem to make consumer lives easier or more fun, but these apps were not designed for that; they were built for the producers to assay consumer data (statuses, relationships, opinions, and feelings) to find out where best to mine their wealth as well as every couple of years their votes.

Most of us—though fewer by the minute—no longer have to spend our lives trying to get what we need. We also no longer even spend all of our time and other assets trying to get what we want. We now, whether we know it or not waste our nonrenewable resources getting what we are told we want for the benefit of the apps’ backers and at the expense of what we really want or need.

Signing over self-determination one app at a time and thus to entities to whom our well-being is irrelevant at best, is the beginning of the end. We have already become figuratively attached to apps and this drawing shows what it’d be like if we were literally so. Not that that’d really happen, but soon enough our formerly bodily-based selves will be app-based enough that the producers will no longer need the fleshy protuberances that we’ve become to temporarily hold their wealth. And we will be then cut off, denied service.

Will we survive? Who knows. Perhaps we will, as rats are to us, nearly invisible in the shadows, sent back to spending our whole lives trying to get what we need. Or maybe not. It is still possible the all this science and technology will be used to better the health, increase the wealth and advance the wisdom of all of us instead of just using it all to increase bottom lines for the benefit of a few of the not us. Possible yes, likely no.

Do read this…. then the originals.