7. Drawing a bath


Bathing can be the alpha and omega of a day; a morning shower to wake you up and an evening bath to wind you down. But they can be more than that. Some people use such time/places as foreplay, “After all we’re already naked and alone, so why not?” This seems a reasonable request. Others, naked and alone as well, make a bathtub a place for the unreasonable: suicide. Alpha and omega of not of just a day but a life, yes?
Other times a bath is just a bath, a baring of one’s self and washing it clean; scrubbing all the dirt, sweat, and dead skin down the drain. but even that can be psycho-analyzed; one’s daily encounters and reactions to them washed down (sublimated, projected, rationalized?) a system of public pipes, open to all, where everyone flushes and forgets; sounds like blogging, doesn’t it?