6. Go team!


The senior management team wants you to believe that you are part of their team. They want you to believe that when the team wins everyone on it does. They want you to believe that when you “take one for the team” in today’s match that you will be rewarded at the end of the season. And you bought all that. Or maybe ages ago, when you were a rookie, it was really true. Ages ago, when they had to treat you better than some other “team” to keep your skill set making money for theirs. Or maybe that’s just me justifying why I stayed so long as it sound better than fear or inertia.
Anyway, these days its clear to all that there’s no team there, its all against all. Any humanity (strength or weakness) you show will be turned against you by the senior management predators who’ve turned the game into neo-feudalist venery. Your career is no longer a game you can win; you are now just the game that senior management pursues par force de chiens.