3. The Shallow end and mean(s)


Typical adolescent means to the end of gaining some esteem from one or several sub-group of peers and perhaps love from an individual among them are: going out for a sport, being in a rock band or trying to demonstrate an observable talent in a vocation though worth pursuing by the above mentioned one or several sub groups of peers. Needless to say, success in an adolescent vocation does not guarantee love in a marriage or esteem in a career. Often it preclude it.

Remember that the friendship skills you master when young while trying to belong will last; friends last longer than marriages or careers. You will try alcohol too and while it ‘ll make you believe that you are loved and esteemed when you actually are not. its rewards are a temporary illusion; but come to think about it, so are sports, rock bands and other adolescent dreams. So stay sober 99%—not 100%—of the time; and more importantly don’t depend on love and career to see you through as they will always desert you in the end…