2. Suburban genpop


Half a century ago–or more–the distractable kids were not, as they are today, diagnosed physiologically lacking, but were declared moral failures. Why? There were no drugs big pharma could push in the burbs to normalize/monetize those trouble-makers, who were instead “treated” with dose upon dose of fast-acting humiliation and threats of delayed-release failure.

And it worked! Boomers today are awesome! The American dream is reality for everyone, all you gotta do is work hard and you will win. We have made the world such a better place, haven’t we? Look at all those miracle drugs, pills that’ll fix those dreamers and other moral failures; humiliation and threats are not longer our preferred therapies.

And If we still have a job, if we still have insurance we might even be able to afford those pills for our kids. And if that doesn’t work we still have guns, cops and other institutions. Awesome!…