Here we see Mr. Oligarch with his trophy wife, the former Ms. Liberty, enjoying in a visit during a benefactors-only preview at the Museum of Lost Dreams. The diorama shown is called “The Promised Land” it’s on display already and will be up until November 2016. Uncle Sam as a minimum wage/no benefits janitor completes the mise-en-scène.

So who’s dramatically recreated here, frozen in time and miniaturized behind glass? The Middle Class for sure, but are they the “greatest” Middle Class who had a piece of it at a price, the “boomer” version who paid too much for their time there and got nothing in the end, or the “nexter’s” copy of a copy, seen by them as a theme park, sitcom, or video game?

Some advice: 1) Try for relationships, but be both cautious and kind there; they sometimes—but not always—work. 2) Go for a career, too, just don’t think a corporation will help. Think of this as they do, as a lifelong battle all-against-all and you’ll have a chance at success. 3) Don’t expect anything to be given to you in either of the above scenarios; if something seems “free,” it is you that is being bought /sold.

So good luck all you still in the game, nexters mostly I suspect, those of you who haven’t been absorbed or destroyed by Mr. Oligarch’s Darkside, Inc. that is.