Every other year and more so every four years, the pols turn their focus away from the donor class’s underparts and talk at the rest of us for a bit. Both left and right tell us how they are concerned about the same things that we are concerned about and that “if you elect me…” those concerns will be addressed, even fixed.

Those Novembers, we all have the opportunity to vote the person whose prophecy we prefer, but most of us stay home. Some would if they could, but taking a Tuesday off or getting a photo ID is difficult and getting more so. And some simple don’t. They believe it all to just for show, so why bother? The candidates’ speeches never contain anything substantive and their ads just pander and berate. Plus the “impartial” “news” is just celebrity talking heads repeating the speeches and ads, adding nothing except to blow up a candidate’s faux pas for their own ratings sake.

Today’s special: inequality.

I think the 50% or so of us who can and do vote are doing so as much for complaining rights as thinking the “will of the people” will be acted upon. By people, I mean the non-donor class, the 99% the Americans who’ve been slowly distanced from the “American Dream” for decades now.

We need to get some of that back, but call it the “World Dream” now. Globalization and technology won’t stop, the old jobs won’t come back and the world as a whole will share the new ones. But there is enough of what counts to go around, if the 1%ers would share. Labor needs to be valued more and capital less; the balance as it stands favors the very, very few at the expense of the many. This is not the only problem we face, but it is the one the pols, both right and left, are telling us they can fix, this season anyway.

But you know all that. You also know it’s unlikely to change, because a government opposing the will of the 1% is the only thing that can change it. Corporations only exist to make money, to expect otherwise is foolish. Democracy is an illusion; money, not votes, is the measure of political power these days. And “our” government is operated by pols indentured to the 1%, the corporations and the donor class that fund the autumn spectacles that select them. It is very unlikely these servants will oppose their masters.

And you know that the election season are nothing but pro-wrestling style “contests” between a pair of right-center candidates pretty much equally owned by the 1%—the 1% of that, actually. And that everything will return to the status quo quickly thereafter. Promises made to us will be quickly forgotten, while those made to donors will be as quickly honored. It’s time again for haute cuisine at Chez Plutocrat. Spare no expense, the company’s paying! Bon appetit!