You probably think utopia means good place, but you are wrong. It is from the ancient Greek for no place; good place in old Greek would be eu-topia. Today there is no good place.

“What technology first permits, it soon requires.” —anonymous

There was a time a couple of hundred years ago when educated folks wrote that technology was all good , that as it could be used to lessen human suffering that it would be used so; we all want less suffering , yes? So why wouldn’t it? This all at a time when technology was actively being used to increase general suffering via the industrial revolution. However, the sufferers were, for the most part illiterate, so they didn’t get the irony.

Labor-saving devices are to capitalists, laborer eliminating devices.  A device is capital; when one replaces a laborer it shifts the balance in favor of capital. The industrial revolution and its spawn the informational one have done nothing but replace labor with capital. There is no end in sight.

What labor that has survived, has done so by becoming a machine itself—a consuming device—a machine to make capital. But that’s not going to last, as machines have become more cost effective the humans at more and more tasks. Eventually even the human consuming device will be replaced by a non-human non-consuming one.

Then what?