A Well-Tailored Straitjacket


C  O  N  T  E  N  T

“Love may fail, but courtesy will prevail.” ― Kurt Vonnegut

I used to think that there was a “The One” who would think of me as a “The One” as well, and that we would eventually meet. We would then hook up, settle down, live happily ever after and so on. It would a not be perfect alignment; there would be disagreements both expressed and repressed, but the relationship would persist.

This has not happened. In my several failed attempts, disagreements repressed out of common courtesy became denial, displacement, sublimations, projection, intellectualizing, rationalization, regression, a whole nuthouse’s worth of neuroses. But since I don’t believe I was alone in this madness, make that two nuthouses.

“The One” is not an “other;” she is a concept in your head. You want that concept made manifest with a real someone, and there to fit like a well-tailored suit, but since it was cut and sewn before measurements were taken, for her it’s more than likely going to seem more like a straitjacket.

F  O  R  M

This drawing is really just like all my recent efforts underneath the photoshoppy stuff. I took a texture image from the lost and taken site to make this image more interesting than it was with just the flat color and shadow/highlight layers under the black key-line one. Usually they are enough to make a proper composition out of the cartoon, but this one just looked flat.


The original plan was to use an open page from a Moleskine notebook borrowed from Wikimedia. I was thinking that that would somehow make the drawing look trendy or hipsteresque. Silly me, trendy or hip I’ll never be. Click in the thumbnail to see the [perhaps more] boring original.

I wish I were a better colorist, so I could just grab some tubes of paint, a brush and a canvas to make art, then I wouldn’t be dependent on software that I  have to rent from a [increasingly only in it] for-profit corporation. And not just future work either, but because I—for now—keep my files in their proprietary formats I can lose access to all my finished work should I not be able to pay that rent.