… but be forewarned. You’ve stumbled onto my patch of cyber “real” estate. If odd drawings of semi-naked, not-so-polite people will offend you, limit your views to the “Published Work” pages. Don’t go to the “For Self” pages, or scroll down this page.

The images herein are realist in that they are of things places and ideas. But they are not realistic because as I create from memory, not life and even if I did, I don’t have the talent to paint texture, lighting and movement accurately. The early ones are pen and ink as that was what I needed to work in to make a living. Then came Apple and Adobe, so for about 20 yrs my work was digital. But my post career work has been mostly acrylic and brush.

Why go analog, you ask? The digital work required an association with corporations I’d rather not be paying for that privilege. And it reminds me of what I was, and for better or worse, am not longer. There is much anger/sadness there that I’d rather not feel anymore. Now, for most of the time, I’ll be painting, so the things I make will not be as professional looking as before, but that’s not the point any more. I will still go retro now and then when I feel like it. Who’s to say I can’t?

As a human being, I am more a cynical lapsed Beatnik than a nostalgic ex-hippie, but I still try to remain open minded, so constructive criticism is welcome. But remember you are a tourist here, so tread lightly and leave no trash.