Apparition and Artifact


“[T]ruths are illusions of which one has forgotten that they are illusion;
worn-out metaphors which have become powerless to affect the senses;
coins with their images effaced and now no longer of account as coins
but merely as metal.” (Nietzsche)

Observe the gravestones of Work and Love, not that there was anything to bury or to mourn. But Art persists in memorializing them in spite of knowing that it’s an illusion that Work is not just time  compensated for by money and Love is more than a brief event that begins as a reaction to hormones and ends with one to deceit.

See here art as a painting (noun) and painting (verb) and understand it as coexisting as an object and an action. In other words, a gesture being observed simultaneously with representation of a gesture recorded. But this thing is really just a collection of pixels with no meaning by themselves representing nothing other than what our conventions allow.