Trieb and Tribe


You know the internet’s T-Rex cartoons where they can’t do stuff because of their tiny arms? They are funny, funny, in a sad way, when the joke is applied to human psychological difficulties as well as saurian physiological ones. After all we share space in our bodies with a beast like a T-Rex. We have a saurian as well as a human brain. And the beast is running the show a lot more than we like to admit.

The human faces shown here are masks, but more complex ones than a simple disguise to hide the T-Rex in us from each other. Not that they could do that, as we all know we are beasts at heart. The Masks are more mirrors reflecting each to each other the comforting and useful illusion of polite society.

The masks, let’s call them personalities, are works in progress therefore ever-changing and art-like. We are all creative in that.  But also in a sad funny way, to be called an artist means, as often as not, you’ve failed to be human by usual means. Picasso said “Art is a lie that makes us realize truth.”  Art is a disguise that reveals. With art, we step back and look at the beasts that are holding the masks.

But who the hell are the “We?”