Our kenosis is their prophet.


The rich are different, but they enjoy the morality plays big media presents for the rest of us as much as we do. But the rich like it in a different way, for them the plays are ironic comedies not cathartic tragedies. For them, the deus ex machina is not our fair yet kind invisible karma-dude who, after the explosion but before the kiss, rights all wrong. The rich, instead, worship Mammon, Moloch, or Ploutos; it always money no matter how it’s personified. Kenosis–their emptying of our pockets–is their profit.

The irony here that the rich enjoy knowing our fantasy is pure fiction; that this world where machine as gods right wrongs, chief among them, these days, is to prevent predatory accumulation of wealth, is but a dream. The real waking world is one where Mammon, et al–here manifest as a multi-armed mini-drone, not much different from gods of olde–rules. In this our world gods doesn’t punish the rich, but reward them well for their faith.