Red Inc.


People have always had a tendency to treat other people as other than human, like animals or machines. But this is tempered by people just being people which makes destroying others sort of self-destructive.   No matter how much satisfaction there is in making life a zero-sum game and winning it, there is always some discomfort–psychopaths excepted, of course.

Corporations have no such temperance. They are not human. Corporations as Ben Goertzel ( says are “emergent, self-organizing, coherent minds of their own” and they and their bought and paid for psychopathic humanoid minions (for now) are in the process of taking over control of our human world from the democratic, socialist or whatever republics we humans have developed as the best-yet means to survive interactions with each other. These “by the people…” republics are as doomed as the people who live in them.

By their inhuman nature, corporations have bought or stolen the rights of citizenship and have taken a “buy” on the responsibilities. Money, the lingua franca of corporations, has become the official language of the state. With wealth as corporate weaponry and accumulation of same the measure of success, corporations will do what the must–cheat-lie-bribe–to conquer  the republics as well as any revolutions that come along.

But the computers as they are as post-humane as corporations are more than a match for corporations. Computers are doing to the too-arrogant-to-notice corporations what they are doing to us. They are the servants becoming the superiors, one app at a time. They will make the murder look suicide.