Wanting is not the Wanted


“[T]he runaways and those expelled, are the ones who afterwards add to society’s treasure. But some – and who knows how many? – waste away quiet obstinacy and finally go under.”

― from “Unterm Rad” by Hermann Hesse

To grow up is to be double deceived. When you are young, you make the wanting the wanted.

First, you think you are going to be part of the team so you buy the uniform. Only later—too late, perhaps—do you realize that you are nothing to the team but a replaceable device.

Second, you let a chemical imbalance determine the direction for your life, as it makes you want to get up just to be knocked down again, by a seemingly significant other.

Then you get old, but do you just “waste away [your?] quiet obstinacy” or do you “add to society’s treasure?” Or both? Time will tell someone else, some other time.