Machines are winning the race. We are distracted by fleshy things, and are machines are not. But as they get smarter will they be distracted by metal-ly and plastic-y things?

Everything from our appliances to our apparel is getting smarter. Except us. So why is that? Well, could be that thinking is not selected for in today’s society. It all works better if no one thinks, if we work like machines, by us being just devices among devices.

Do these prosthetic images supplement a deficiency or merely signify one? Derrida say prosthetics, be they indices, icons or symbols, “signifies nothing, simply replaces a lack” Fordian pragmatism differs: work now can be done by half a man. Or from a corporate POV better, no man. Then who will buy the model Ts?

We discard ourselves; we treat ourselves as devices cheaper to replace than to repair/retrain. So will the machines when they become smarter than us, having learned from us discard us as we now discard them? And will they, as we discard ourselves, discard themselves?