Capital Punishment


Let’s revisit of a popular myth Judith and Holofernes. Judith, to keep her city from being conquered by Babylonian forces, seduces their general and decapitates him. Then she uses that severed head to rally her city’s army to rout the now leader—head—less besiegers.Was Holofernes all bad? If you were a Babylonian you’d have thought not, he was loyal to his king and gods. Was Judith all good? Sure, she was a grieving widow doing her–not the same as his–god’s will by sacrificing chastity for city. Lose the gods and what do you have? Nothing but a plundering rapist and deceptive murderess.

Anyway, here is the happy couple in the 21st century; Holofernes, once a conquering general now just an SVP, is still who’d be taking advantage of chaste widow Judith’s promises of intimacy. No need to cut off Holofernes’ head these days, as this socialized psychopath’s already lost his mind, sold his soul. Judith, now a chasing divorcée, tells herself; that her pretend intimacy is a good trade for his fake empathy, as long as the money’s good. So what’s the harm thinking of both as sincere and snapping a few celebratory “selfies” for social media friends?