Etiam Hic / Draw-bridge

Good to be back. I’ve been busy; taking and teaching classes plus a full time day job wears on one…but things are becoming different here/now. There will be more time for art.




You may recognize Arnold Böcklin’s “Island of the Dead” here, also there are some of Munch’s bag of tricks, the abstracted sunset on water stuff and the mise-en-scène of “The Scream.” As you know, if you’ve been here before I like the mash-up art isms, this one goes from romanticism to expressionism via symbolism and cloisonnism– talk about obscure!

As usual, the drawing is also therapeutic. Mr. 300.4 (today’s best guess) gets more benefit from art then he has ever from either the talker or the pusher flavors of shrink. In addition, also as usual, it is about Art, Arbeit and Amour.

The boat is Arbeit. The old technology, rowing by hand, is futile; one oar (an old-school pen) going around in circles, working up a sweat, getting nowhere. The boat is now swamped and sinking, barely away from the dock.

The island is Amour. Look closely you’ll see the knees and toes of a woman in her bath, three women, actually, look at the little islands in the distance. The paradoxically erect foliage somewhat conceals orifices in the stone.

The bridge –another art joke– and the hand –the “draw” bridge– are another hopelessness visualized, as the boat is to Arbeit the bridge is to Amour; passage denied by the wedded hand gesturing, “stop!”

The mash up in a mash up on the hill is Art. It’s all Mr. Crazy has left, but he’s OK with that. An old French en plein air easel is married to a new-ish à l’intérieur Wacom tablet. Art is his foreground but everyone else’s background. Art is life –and society– at a distance.