Etiam Hic

I am still here.

This is a rare, I hope, non-art posting. I have been working on a drawing for the last month. It’s 95% done, but the text is still troubling me. The text has been 95% done at least three times! Trying to relate post- ‘Great Recession’ corporations to post- ‘Great War’ empires in my drawing v. poem style is not easy. Instead of one lost generation we now have several, but I digress.

This is (an old drawing of) me not posting a drawing

I think I’ll put it aside for a while and tackle one of the ideas I’ve already got started. It’s  something simpler– Abstract Expressionism. Give me a couple of weeks to get this –or the troubling– one up.

In the mean time look to your right under “Pages,”  click on any of the galleries. There you’ll find lots (hundreds, I think, though I’ve never counted) of pre-blog, even pre-digital drawings I’ve got there. I’ll e-mail the troubling one w/current incarnation of the text to any one who’d like to see it. Comments, as usual, are appreciated.