en passant

Chess is like music to me. With music I know what all the notes mean, where to put my fingers as well as how long to keep them there. But I can’t, from a string of them, create a tune. Likewise in chess I know the rules, the moves of each piece. But I can’t win the game. Double click on the drawing to make it bigger.

Being social–working and loving–is like chess and music for me. I know the rules but have never won. This sketch tries to explains. The two gamers are metaphors or stereotypes of work and love. One is a body, a naked animal, without the clothes of society and the other is a suit with no human inside–a corporate sociopath. They flaunt as well as flout the rules. No rules, no game, no society. Pre-lapsarian or post-apocalyptical? Who can know?

The couple(rs) is/are on the far side of the chess board and a solitary piece is on the near. That piece is a ‘promoted’ pawn shown as an inverted rook. The rook, be it chariot or castle, is the only chess piece that is a thing  not a person. A pawn, the least powerful ‘man’ on the board is ironically ‘promoted.’ to inverted [perverted] piece. Now he’s a mere possession, useful for this now-over contest. But it’s back to square one for the next–if there is a next one.

Ok, doc what does this drawing mean? Society’s stereotypical CEO and his mistress or my metaphorical shadow and anima? Psychotherapy, too, is like music and chess. I know the words and–in theory, several theories–what they mean. But I still can’t make sense of  it. It is not a picture of the fantasies and dreams I drew as a kid, when I believed in those things. It is more free associations said aloud, spoken to no one, a blog.