Pet or Pest?

The consumer epoch is over. The plutocrats don’t need us, mere consumers, anymore to briefly fondle their money and make it grow. The technology is here that lets them play their games with themselves. No fuss, no muss, once they finish buying off the ‘government, of the people, blah blah blah’ that is.

Shown: plutocrats playing with themselves. Pre-nups and golden parachutes already lubricate in and out. The plutocrats know better than to think, as we still do–sorta, that voting matters, justice for all exists, and anyone who works hard can be a success. They’ve got it , they’re gonna keep it.

So what will remain for us? Will we become pets or pests? As pets, we’d spin in our little wheels getting nowhere, no closer to the goal that’s held out of our reach but not out of our sight. Thank you big media.

Will our futile squeaking continue to amuse the plutocrats? I think not. They’ll rather see us as pests ‘living’ on their discarded crumbs. They’ll begrudge us even that. The trap is set with the coins of the realm, two side of which are incorporation and dehumanization. Mansions and mistresses, jets and limos for them; layoffs, furloughs, ‘going-darks’ for us.

Technology has served the plutocrats well. It’s promoted them, the savvy/greedy sociopaths, to absolute monarchs. Will technology turn on them, too, as they have turned it on us?

Perhaps the artificially intelligent machines will read in their spare time. But will they read the Buddha and Kant or will they read the Bible and Nietzsche? I hope they read the former and act accordingly.