Opposition and Sister Squares are [not] Reconciled

What do polar bears and prostitutes have in common?  No, it’s not a joke. I don’t know. Add sharks in suits and you have quite a menagerie. Anthropomorphized fish and bears, dehumanized people. What does it all mean? Are there enough life boats?

The bears: They are thinking things, as opposed to fish and well adapted to their environment. But that space (their careers) is/are melting away. The few that survive will eke out a living in zoos or they’ll take day jobs to put food on the table and  pursue their profession as an passionate amateur. though…

“What technology first allows, it soon requires”

And the ladies: The ironic humanoids, with on-the-clock bodies, are efficient passionless machines –Duchamp’s brides stripping bare?

Speaking of bodies, to incorporate literally means to get a body or get into one. Legally, I think, it means to have/allow/create an entity that has the rights of a person i.e. an embodied human, but one sans human empathy or altruism. What were they thinking?

The fish: Anthropomorphized fish –sharks, specifically– why? Perhaps because we can eat fish, but sharks can eat us. The sharks are wearing clothes –the trappings of humanity– suits though, which are submissive posturings in a corporation.

Giving human rights and powers to that what’s not human, it’s like inviting a shark over for dinner. For a shark, a member of a solipsist species, it’s just food and not food out there; they eat until they are eaten. And you expected good table manners, a bottle of wine perhaps?

The “Readymade” title is more Duchamp: “Opposition and sister squares are reconciled.” It’s the title of his book on chess discussing games where only kings and impotent pawns remain. Are those pieces the sharks and the rest of us? if so, what good can come of this? Save the bears! Promote a pawn, it’s not a trap!