Greek for a cure by poison or scapegoat. Like Gift in German v. gift in English. Heidegger, Heisenberg, Derrida. Uncertainty it is, the observer effect.  Absent but ready, thing and thought. What was and what was, no, is remembered. Or invented after too much intellectualizing.

My sources? Cubists or surrealists? Physicists, philosophers or shrinks? Note the mixing up of the picture planes and the free associatings hiding from and by each other. Particles or waves? Enframed or expelled? You decide. Dada is dead but uncertainty live on. Sorry doc, my memory does not persist.

My childhood and adolescence, as remembered, was so-so. neither good nor bad, compared to stories told to me by others. The trike was a bike (so I took off a wheel for art’s sake), it was wine-dark red and cream, the pen–black and gold (Hail perdu).

The suit and the nude? Mom and pop? No, that’s too easy. Vessels not communication, “Give me what I want!” “I don’t know what you want!” Aporia.

I read a lot of psych. and phil. Some sticks, most doesn’t. The imagery for this ‘art’ just popped into my head as a mix of what was there  for a long time and what I just recently stuck there by the above reading. I wrote it all down as interesting stuff, and eventually drew it.

Back to enframing. Does it mean to enclose, hide or does it mean to gather together, to reveal? I don’t know, so I make the frame incomplete and self constructing

It’s a gift—or a gift? I don’t know. Am I better for it, as I would be (in theory) if art were therapy? Am I just picking at old wounds? Or is it all a self-serving tautology?